From Normandy with love

Happy Valentine’s Day! In keeping with the occasion, we’ve chosen this most romantic of days to focus on Normandy’s most romantic of gastronomic fare, starting with the noble Neufchâtel. One of Normandy’s oldest cheeses, Neufchâtel is often recognised for its distinctive heart shape. Tradition has it that during the many wars during the Middle Ages between France and England, young Norman girls would give English soldiers a special heart-shaped Neufchâtel cheese as a token of their affection. Why not continue this tradition this year by giving your Valentine a special taste of Normandy? After all, nothing says I love you more than some French bread and some delicious cheese! For those of you unable to access the real deal, we rather like the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference version, which comes in at a thrifty £3…

Fromage Neufchatel © D. Dumas Normandy Tourist Board
© Normandy Tourist Board
© Normandy Tourist Board

Normandy is also home to delicious seafood and the local oysters are a must for your menu this Valentine’s Day. Along the Channel Coast around the Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy’s oyster beds are world renowned. Why not treat yourself to this aphrodisiac delight for your special Valentine’s Day meal? Oysters are wonderful served simply with a squeeze of lemon juice or with a dash of shallot vinegar.

l'huître d'isigny (c) Thierry SENI (1).jpg
© Thierry Seni
Huitre © Zlata -
© Zlata /

And a special Valentine’s Day tipple? Do pop the cork on a bottle of Normandy poiré (pear cider from the south of the region), or a glass of its better-known cousin, Normandy apple cider. This lightly sparkling cider has a light and fruity taste and makes a refreshing change from bubbly! We love new Normandy cider brand Sassy Cidre,  which is now widely available in Selfridges and a wide selection of restaurants and bars in London, Birmingham and Manchester! Enjoy it chilled and with a sprinkling of fresh raspberries to decorate your flûte.

© Normandy Tourist Board
Cidre studio (c) Eric Lorang
© Eric Lorang

Santé aux amoureux!

For more information on food and drink in Normandy, please visit the Normandy Tourist Board website.


Cover photo © Andersphoto / | Text: Fran Lambert

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