Sea, sun, sand and a few drinks. Normandy’s top beach bars

Drink in hand, toes in sand! It’s the peak of the summer season and the weather’s been glorious in Normandy for the past two months. Everyone is heading to the seaside and looking for good spots to have a drink! Here are our five suggestions for top beach bars in Normandy…

Le Bar O Mètre, Dieppe

I’m not going to try to hide that this is one of my favourite spots in Normandy. If you walk to the very end of the promenade on Dieppe seafront, you’ll find this intimate café, with few indoor tables but a large outdoor terrace area. It’s like getting to the end of the world, as the cliff stops you from going any further. Whenever the sun comes out, locals and tourists flock here for a drink (or two or three) and for the picture-perfect views the bar offers. No fancy cocktails, no loud music, no trendy décor, just some tables & chairs, the beach and the sea. You can also order pizzas from the restaurant opposite and take them to your table for a bit of nosh. Come here at sunset and you’re in for a real treat. It’s la douceur de vivre at its best.

  • 51 Rue Alexandre Dumas, 76200 Dieppe

bar o metre 2

Le Goeland 1951, Reville

Just a few miles from Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, don’t miss Le Goeland 1951, which was recently crowned as one of France’s Top 10 beach bars by The Guardian, and for good reason! Located next to a small lighthouse and facing Tatihou Island, the place actually used to be a WWI bunker! It has now been converted into the coolest café you could possibly think of, with views to die for, a laid-back atmosphere and good food & drink. People come from far and wide to spend a few hours here, and you can easily understand why. Parents can even sit back and drink while the kids play on the beach. What more could you ask for?

  • 82 Route du Phare, 50760 Reville
Le Goeland
© Le Goéland 1951

La Cale, Blainville-sur-Mer

Eccentric and offbeat, somewhat quirky and rustic, La Cale is definitely not your ordinary beach bar. The décor is unusual to say the least, not one chair or table matches the other and the owner is a real character. People don’t come here to sit on comfy sofa benches though, as La Cale is all about the food and the views. Right on the beach, you can sip a drink with sand in your toes. The mussels couldn’t be any fresher and the oysters are literally produced on the beach! It’s as bohemian as it gets and is the perfect spot for killer sunset shots. You’ll never want to go home!

  • La Plage, 50560 Blainville-sur-Mer
la cale
© La Cale

Le Bout du Monde, Le Havre      

In the UK, there are many pubs called The World’s End, in which the local lads will often finish their Saturday night pub crawl. This place bears the same name, but you can expect a whole different atmosphere. Located in hilly Sainte-Adresse, Le Havre’s most affluent suburb, this small café is the place to head after a day at the beach. It takes a bit of time to walk to, meaning you’ll be even happier to sit back, relax and enjoy the views when you finally get there. Neither snobby nor shabby, laid-back and trendy, it’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset with a cocktail in your hand!

  • 1 Boulevard Foch, 76310 Sainte-Adresse
bout du monde
© Le Bout du Monde

Sunset Beach, Bénerville-sur-Mer 

Only a stone’s throw from Deauville but away from the hustle and bustle, Sunset Beach is a great location to enjoy a summer afternoon and chill. It’s like finding a real Mediterranean bar on a Norman beach. Just like on the Riviera, you can rent deckchairs, parasols and even beach beds before treating yourself to a glass of bubbly. The atmosphere is chic and trendy without being pretentious or uninviting. During the day, the bar is favoured by families, as little ones can have fun in the sand while parents relax and unwind. After the sun fades on the horizon, the pink neon lights add an eighties vibe to the place, and DJs get the party started on most weekends.

  • Boulevard de la Mer, 14910 Benerville-sur-Mer
sunset beach
© Sunset Beach


For more information on food and drink in Normandy, visit the Normandy Tourism website.


Cover photo © B. Collier | Text: Ben Collier

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