Buying local in Bayeux

Think of Bayeux and I bet images of its world-famous UNESCO-listed tapestry come to mind. For good reason – this incredible 70m-long eleventh-century embroidery depicting the Norman invasion of England in 1066 could be said to be the first ever comic strip.

6582-Bayeux Tapestry (c)Ville de Bayeux.JPG
© Ville de Bayeux

However, in addition to its tapestry, there are other reasons to visit Bayeux. This charming town, with its many half-timbered houses, miraculously avoided any devastation when the Allies invaded the nearby beaches on D-Day.


Its eleventh-century, half-Norman, half-Gothic cathedral is remarkable and well worth a visit – just be sure not to miss a visit to the crypt.


Locals may well give you yet another reason to visit this pretty Norman town – the Saturday market. France is famous for its bustling markets that take over main squares of cities, towns and villages, and Bayeux’s version does not disappoint. Row upon row of sellers display their produce under colourful awnings offering the choicest and freshest cheeses, meat, fruit and veg.







This being Normandy and all, you’ll also find a few stalls selling the local cidre and all the apple and pear products you can imagine.


Amidst all the colours and bustling atmosphere, a delicious aroma of sizzling saucepans cooking up fresh paella and stews permeates through the air.



So if you’re in Bayeux, head to the Place Saint-Patrice – there’s no better place to buy local!

For more information on food and drink in Normandy, visit the Normandy Tourism website.


Text and photos © Normandy Tourism (unless otherwise stated)

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  1. Ian Lambert says:

    Wonderfully informative article and beautifully illustrated with photographs.

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