Delicious Dieppe

There’s no better place to start a visit to Dieppe than the weekly market. Recently voted the second best in France, it takes over the town’s streets and squares every Saturday morning. With it come the scents of ripe cheese, sights of bright flowers, and tastes of fresh fruit.

Marché de Dieppe 1 © Yann Pelcat
© Y. Pelcat

And the foodie highlights don’t end there. Dieppe is full of great restaurants and famous cafes, and there’s an annual herring festival in November. I indulge in everything from coastal seafood to local produce while I’m here, and doing so reminds me how good the food is in this part of France.

7773-Foire aux Harengs Dieppe © Jean Decaux - CRT Normandie (18)-© Jean Decaux - CRT Normandie
© J. Decaux / Normandy Tourism

I enjoy lunch at Le Trefle, where the cool blue dining room offers panoramic views of the beach. The catch of the day goes down a treat and the chocolate dessert is divine.

Dieppe plage
© B. Collier / Normandy Tourism

L’O 2 Mer is another great place for lunch in Dieppe. Right by the lido, its vegetables come in every shade of pink, purple, and orange. The juicy prawns are delicious, too.

© A Lady in London

When it comes to drinks, Vins en Scene is hard to beat. This wine bar has great ambiance under its brick arch ceilings. It carries wines from all over France, and they pair well with dishes like raspberries and mascarpone.

© Vins en Scene / Drones Smart Images

Dieppe also has its share of famous cafes. The Ango Basin is lined with waterfront classics like Tout Va Bien, and over on Rue de la Barre the Cafe des Tribunaux was once a favorite of Oscar Wilde.

© A Lady in London

And that’s to say nothing of the shops. Conserveries & Terroirs offers a range of regional specialties and local and artisanal products from Normandy. The shelves are stocked high with everything from jam to terrine, and they’re all fun to take home.

© M. McNulty / Normandy Tourism

There’s more to Dieppe than just food, including boat trips, seaside spas, and a hilltop castle. But with so much to tempt the taste buds, it’s hard to fit it all into one trip. I’ll need to come back again soon to do some additional sightseeing. And of course, eat more.

This blog post was written by our guest writer, Julie Falconer, who runs the award-winning travel and lifestyle blog, A Lady in London. You can read Julie’s post on her trip to Dieppe here.

For more on Normandy food and drink, visit the Normandy Tourism website.

Normandy coloured

Cover photo and text © A Lady in London

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