A Norman rehash of bangers and mash

Earlier this week, the UK celebrated National Sausage Day. In keeping with this, we’d like to share with you a warming winter recipe from Normandy to try out tonight and keep the lockdown blues at bay!

Normandy from the source

Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny are known the world over; the weeping willows, lily-pads and ornate bridges were all made famous by his Impressionist paintings, but to see the real thing is a privilege. When I visited a few years ago, under a stormy autumn sky, the flowers were coming to their natural end and…

Five Normandy products that have nothing to do with apples

Normandy is justifiably famous for its apples – whether you sip a heady calvados, swig a glass of formidable cider or devour a sweet apple tart, there are myriad ways to enjoy them – but beyond the orchards, the region has a variety of other products to try. Bénédictine The jaw-dropping Bénédictine Palace in Fécamp…

Eggceptionally good omelette

A thousand years of history, faith, and talent have shaped the Mont-Saint-Michel, the ‘Wonder of the West’. Legend has it that in 708, the Archangel Saint-Michel appeared before Bishop Aubert and commanded that a sanctuary be built on Mount Tombe, an island in the middle of the bay that saw some of the highest tides…

Tickling Monet’s Palate

The father of the Impressionist movement, Claude Monet, lived for half his life in the quaint village of Giverny along the banks of the Seine. He moved  to Normandy in his later years in 1883 with his future second wife and their eight children. From this point onwards, Monet’s work started to gain recognition and…

L’Hermière, foodie heaven in the Pays de Caux

L’Hermière restaurant, deep in the countryside between Étretat and Le Havre is a real find. I went recently with my local partner, Ivan, from the Seine-Maritime Tourist Board and not only was I the only non-French person there, it felt like the type of place only locals would know about.

The Wilde Kitchen Cooking School

Last autumn I travelled through Normandy with a group of Irish journalists to explore the region’s culinary highlights. We’d booked in for a cooking workshop at Wilde Kitchen, a cooking school run by Irish lass Sinéad, at la Blonderie, her home in the village of Benoistville.