Buying local in Bayeux

Over on this side of the Channel, think of Bayeux and I bet your boots that images of its world famous UNESCO listed tapestry come to mind.

Livarot it up

On the eve of a journalist friend’s birthday, for which she will be holding a cheese and wine night,  I have decided to dedicate this week’s blog post to her favourite Normandy cheese, and one I hope will make an appearance tomorrow: lovely Liverot. Named after the village from which it originated, Livarot cheese is…

A day for Camembert

Tomorrow would have been the 257th birthday of Marie Harel, the inventor of Camembert, so here at the Normandy Foodie blog, we thought why not publish a post on this lovely lady and her important culinary contribution to the world of cheese? The most popular story about the creation of Camembert  is that it was…

Chevalait, the magic of mare’s milk

For as long as she can remember, Belgian-born entrepreneur Julie Decayeux has always loved horses. Her parents both loved horses and she learnt to ride at a young age. She realised that she had a particular affinity with large-set horses when she was given a Welsh cob as a teenager – they instantly had a…

Normandy salted caramels

Normandy is famous for its native breed of speckled brown and white cows that produce some of the richest and creamiest milk in France. Not only is this milk transformed into delicious cream and cheese but those with a bit of a sweet tooth will be pleased to hear that here you’ll also find a ridiculously good range of salted caramels.