Five Norman cheeses you never knew existed

Camembert de Normandie, Neufchâtel, Livarot and Pont-l’Evêque need no introduction, but did you know that Normandy is actually home to 40 cheeses? Many of them are well-kept secrets and hard to find even over here in Normandy, but with a bit of luck you may get to taste a few of the five following fromages the next time you visit our yummy part of France!

Say cheese!

Tomorrow marks National Cheese Lovers’ Day in the USA, an occasion so worth celebrating that, even though we’re not American, we just had to jump on the bandwagon! After all, Normandy is renowned around the world for being a cheese-producing region, thanks to the abundance of rich milk produced by its many lovely Norman cows….

It’s a family thing: Camembert with a twist

It’s not every day that a new cheese hits the stalls. In this case, we can’t exactly say that the variety itself is new, as we’re taking about Camembert, but read on and you’ll understand what we’re all excited about. A year ago, Charles Bréant and his four brothers decided to open a cheese production…