Why you should go to Toute la Mer sur un Plateau

1. The Toute la Mer sur un Plateau seafood festival takes place on 28-29 September right on the port of Granville, so you can pretty much eat seafood fresh off the boat! 2. Granville is France’s number one shellfish port, so if anyone can put on a cracking seafood festival, it’s certainly this town. 3….

Buying local in Bayeux

Over on this side of the Channel, think of Bayeux and I bet your boots that images of its world famous UNESCO listed tapestry come to mind.

Give a Christmas cheer, Rouen Givré is here!

Rouen is a firm favourite with visitors to Normandy. There’s just something about those multicoloured half-timbered houses and gothic churches on every street corner – as French cities go, the ‘city of 100 bell towers’ (as Rouen was once called by French writer Victor Hugo) is certainly up there with the prettiest of them! For that…

Hip Hip Hip Herring!

It’s autumn on the Normandy coast and the air is thick with the delicious smoky smell of fresh, grilled fish. Every year in November, visitors flock in their thousands to the Alabaster Coast, as this scenic part of Normandy is known to sample the hareng (herring), the poisson roi (king of fish) and Saint-Jacques scallops, two…

A recipe with scallop that really packs a wallop

This weekend, the pretty seaside town of Villers-sur-Mer on the Côte Fleurie will host its hotly-anticipated Fête de la Coquille St-Jacques! In keeping with this key event in Normandy’s culinary calendar, we’ve scoured all our favourite cookbooks and selected this delicious recipe for scallop and courgette crumble pie from Chef Éric Lanlard’s cookbook ‘Tart It Up‘….

5 tasty tips for doing Bastille Day the Norman way

This weekend is ALL about France, so why not celebrate Bastille Day and France making the World Cup Final and the Tour de France passing through Normandy by trying one or two of these classic Norman dishes? Bon appétit ! 1) Marmite Dieppoise (aka Normandy fish stew) Local legend has it that this Normandy classic was…

Off yer bike! Five foodie stop-offs you should factor into your cycling holiday

1. Oysters in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue (EuroVélo 4) Did you know that oyster farmers in Normandy produce roughly a quarter of all oysters produced in France? If you’re a lover of oysters, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue in the north-east corner of the Cotentin Pensinsula is a particularly good place to go. Saint-Vaast oysters are well known for their subtle nutty…

Eat like a king at the Étape Louis XIII

I love a good restaurant recommendation, especially when it comes from a local. I was planning a trip deep into rural Normandy in search of a new Norman foodie trend – red flesh apples – and needed a stop for lunch. My local partner Capucine suggested the restaurant Etape Louis XIII in the village of…

The whole of Normandy’s your oyster at Xmas!

Did you know that the best way to eat an oyster is to chew it? This was one of the culinary tips I learnt when I paid a visit to Normandy’s major oyster production region, the town of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue at the tip of the Cotentin Peninsula.