About our writers

Fran Lambert: Currently Senior Press Officer at Normandy Tourism, Fran is based in London and works closely with British and Irish journalists to promote Normandy as a destination. A self-confessed foodie, Fran enjoys writing about all her culinary experiences when on press trips, which will feature in the months to come on the Normandy Foodie blog. Highlights for Fran include dining at two of Normandy’s Michelin-starred restaurants and a gastronomic Segway tour of Caen.

Ben Collier: Born in Brighton, Ben moved to Dieppe aged six and is proud of his Norman and British heritage, which comes in very handy in his job as Marketing Executive! Ben is also a keen photographer and recently helped launch Normandy Tourism’s English Instagram and Twitter accounts, which he keeps updated with stunning photos of the region. So far, Ben has written about La Min beer, coffee shops, brunch hot spots and herring festivals for the Normandy Foodie blog.

Alison Weatherhead: Originally from the West Midlands, Alison moved to Normandy 20 years ago with her husband and has since set up home and had two children just south of Vire, home to the famous andouille sausage. As Marketing Manager for Normandy Tourism, Alison is passionate about promoting everything that her adopted region has to offer, and in her spare time she loves cooking wonderful Norman produce fresh from the local market and enjoying the fruits of her labour.

Carolyn Boyd: Carolyn has been writing about France for 20 years and is author of ‘France From the Source’ (published by Lonely Planet Food). She writes regularly for The Times, National Geographic Traveller, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, The Independent and The Guardian. She was editor of France Magazine for nearly ten years before going freelance in 2016. To read more of Carolyn’s work, visit her website (due to go live in February).

Gillian Thornton: Gillian is widely known in the travel journalism industry as a France specialist. Particular interests include gastronomy, history, heritage, walking, nature and wildlife. Gillian is an active member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and has served on the Board since 2016. Regular commissions include Women’s Weekly, France Today, Voyage and Silver Travel Advisor. To read more of Gillian’s work, visit her website.

Julie Falconer: Julie is a London-based travel blogger and speaker. She runs an award-winning travel and lifestyle blog, A Lady in London, which she founded in 2007 and turned into a full-time job in 2010. It has taken her all over London and to 111 countries (and counting!). Originally from San Francisco, Julie came to London after leaving a career in finance, during which she worked for Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund. Prior to that, she studied International Relations at Brown University and spent her summers working at the US Embassy in Paris and the US Mission to the EU in Brussels.

Susanna Forbes: Journalist, editor and drinks judge, Susanna Forbes specialises in beer, cider, English wine and drinks tourism. She is the proud owner of an orchard in Herefordshire with husband James, where they have started their own cider business, Little Pomona. Susanna has just written the brand new guide ‘The Cider Insider’, published by Quadrille Books, which can be purchased on Amazon. You can also read an excerpt from Susanna’s book on the Normandy Foodie blog! Susanna is regularly to be found on Twitter and Instagram.

Maggie McNulty: Former Senior Press Officer at Normandy Tourism, it was Maggie’s idea to launch a dedicated food blog back in 2015, and a lot of heart and soul went into writing a great many lively blog posts. So dedicated was Maggie to this project that all the foodie fun she had in Normandy during her two years with us are still feeding the blog to this day – that’s quite a legacy! Maggie is now working as a Development Officer at the Council for British Research in the Levant.

William Crossley: Freelance travel writer and fervent Francophile William writes regularly for the Oxford Times and was pleased to accompany Normandy Tourism on its annual Normandy Foodie group press trip in 2016, where he enjoyed savouring all that the region has to offer, from saffron and cider to cheese and black pudding! To read more about William on his travels, visit the Oxford Times website.

Sévérine Frères: Originally from Caen, social media guru and Normandy native Sévérine moved to Évreux in 2015 to work for Normandy Tourism, where she heads up all things FacebookTwitter and Instagram as well as adwords campaigns and website stats. Like most French people, Sévérine is a fan of good food (une gourmande) as they say in France), and can’t wait to share her favourite aspects of Norman cuisine with the world, so keep an eye out for her next post on the Normandy Foodie blog!

Valérie Joannon: Born in Brittany, Valérie moved to Marseille after travelling the world throughout her childhood, and arrived in Normandy 16 years ago, a region she had never visited before but soon fell in love with! Starting out at Eure Tourism, Valérie has since been based at Normandy Tourism for seven years. Her adopted region inspires her every day and in her spare time, she loves cycling and running in the Norman countryside, and enjoying good food… from Normandy of course!

Marie Buchet: Born in Caen, Marie is a top Normandy ambassador for anyone curious about Norman food. Always ready to share her love of the region with the world, Marie cares passionately about small-scale producers and the importance of food transparency. She enjoys visiting local schools to teach pupils about Norman gastronomy, and has been to many a food festival in her time! Marie spent the summer of 2017 working for Normandy Tourism in London as a trainee.

For more information on food and drink in Normandy, visit the Normandy Tourism website.


Cover photo © Rougereau / IRQUA-Normandie